A few months ago, beatmaker and producer CoryaYo dropped his take on Next's 1997 classic 'Too Close'. It's amazing what can happen in a short space of time because, if you've been anywhere on the internet in the past week or so, you'll know that 'Too Close' has taken over social media as part of a hilarious meme/Vine clip known as "Why You Always Lying?" ("mmmmmOhmyGod").

Anyway, meme's aside, London based singer-songwriter Alo Lee has enlisted the help of CoryaYo and Vancouver, Washington-based MC iiiso for 'You Should'. It's Lee's latest release since her debut EP Twice Burned which was released back in May. 'You Should' oozes cool with its laid-back production and strings sample, showcasing CoryaYo's production abilities to the absolute fullest. It should be soundtracking the summer, but an autumn soundtrack will do.