If you are a regular follower of this website, you know that we have been early supporters of Swedish duo Alpaca Sports. And therefore, you are already aware of their ability in crafting smart indie-pop melodies based on jangly guitars, warm violins, handclaps, killer refrains and subliminal tributes to past gems (see the previously featured 'She'll come back for Indian Summer').

All these ingredients remain in their latest effort 'As Long As I Have You', but this time Andreas Jonsson has overcome himself as playful songwriter, bringing out memories of childhood loves like never before. Be prepared then for the most adorable Alpaca Sports song to date.

'As Long As I Have You' is part of a three-track 7" of the same title, which will be released on Cloudberry Records early next year. Pre-orders are available through the label's website or Rough Trade.