In potentially the best decision ever made in broadcast TV history since Bryan Cranston was picked to become Walter White, the people who brought Breaking Bad to the world have announced that a Breaking Bad prequel will be made starring none other than Saul Goodman.

As one of the lynchpin characters in the show, Bob Odenkirk's cheeky, law-bending lawyer has always attracted a fandom of his own. With hilarious and deadly bodyguards at his beck and call, the number for any underhanded crook you could ever need and a get-out plan for anyone, alongside the stoic, dry-humoured hitman Mike Ehrmantraut he has to be one of the show's standout characters.

It just goes to show, in Breaking Bad, no character is incidental. Everyone has their major part to play.

The spin-off show will be called 'Better Call Saul' and will focus on Goodman's life and exploits as Alberquerque's number one dodgy lawyer before Heisenberg even came into the equation.

Full details are yet to be finalised but AMC and Sony Pictures are saying it's likely to be based around a one-hour per show format and will be a 'lighter' watch. No kidding.

Since there's no firm date for release on this badb oy yet, how about you hunker down with a brew and watch some of Saul's best bits with us?

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