LA-based singer-songwriter Albert Kass shows off his artistic prowess on his new single, ‘Same Lie’. It’s an alluring endeavor, infused with gentle warmth neighboring its sonic edges. The alt-folk tune offers us another glimpse to Kass’ forthcoming debut LP Young Old Man, which is shaping up to be something quite special after the release of a few singles.

A self-described “late bloomer” who has shifted career paths to find his way here, Kass’ music strikes listeners to their cores. On ‘Same Lie’ Kass embraces fleeting youth with spirited tenacity and unequivocal desire. The track tackles personal accountability and how we sometimes feed ourselves lies in order to postpone the truth. The single features Kass’ seasoned but softened vocals unifying flawlessly with warm acoustic guitar accents and upright bass. ‘Same Lie’ displays the juxtaposition of reality versus expectations through stirring melodies and vintage singer-songwriter echoes.

Here’s what Kass had to share about ‘Same Lie’: "Growing up in L.A., the land of greener pastures, we struggle to be satisfied with what is before us. Joy is fleeting. Connections are few and far between."

‘Same Lie’ follows the single ‘Shallow Sea’ that was released in May. Prior to that, he had shared ‘Hurricane’ and ‘The Void.’ Kass is preparing to release his debut LP Young Old Man later this year.

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