It's much quieter than the original. Even with all the strangely luscious firearms-based percussion running through this track. Yes, this is a remix of 'Left Hand Free' by wunderkind producer, the Oslo-based Lido. Blasts of bass and synth helicopter around with beautiful electronic intensity; against this, a guitar plays almost spaghetti western-esque with the occasional cheerful whistle popped in here and there, "shoot me down bang bang" (where is that from?) on loop, vocals from the original get layered with pitch-shifted counterparts.

Handclaps and clicks and various other tickings and clippings, dynamic shifts in pattern and rhythm make this a bustling mini-concerto charting cosmic cowboy scrapes in a digital wild west where people just make music out of six-shooters, preferring plasma-based weaponry instead.

Discovery: If you liked that, you'll probably like the intense yet bubbly electronica of Stonewall Klaxon's track 'Neon Swords'.