"Making out is easy" is one of the best lyrics from Maddie Ross' new track 'Cruel Is The Love,' and it also happens to be the name of her upcoming EP. And, if the first two tracks released from the EP are any indication, it could be one of the year's best under-the-radar releases.

Ross released the soaring, anthemic beauty 'Make Me A Safe Place' about a month ago and has managed to somehow at least equal it and maybe even top it with 'Cruel Is The Love.'

A punchy drumbeat and a simple little guitar riff are generally all that are needed around Ross' sardonic wit and top-notch pipes. When the shredding, early '90s-style guitar parts come in, the song simply goes over the top.

"I've been dating my gf/producer for 3 years (as of next week!)," Ross told Wonky Sensitive, where the song debuted. "We're both super opinionated and strong-willed, so when we argue it can be fierce. But we have a rule that if we are in an argument we always have to say sorry before we go to bed. This song is just a really playful tale about kissing and making up! The chorus lyrics, 'Cruel is the love who never says sorry', have been used against me a few times since I wrote it... "

Keep your eyes on this 23-year-old. We get the feeling you'll be seeing a lot more of her very soon.