Kari Faux is demanding her autonomy back, taking it with force. Moments of her new EP, CRY 4 HELP, might feel desperate, even tortured, but above all, her latest work is a statement of strength.

Hailing from sleepy Little Rock, Arkansas, Faux isn't your typical R&B star, quickly winning over audiences and critics alike with her plaintive, meaningful take on the genre. Having already made something of a name for herself working on the Insecure soundtrack and collaborating with Childish Gamibino, Faux is pushing forward with her latest release.

The EP releasing for Women's Day is no mistake, a worthy addition to the message on the lips of many this Friday.

Check out the tracklist below, as well as the video for lead single 'Leave Me Alone', and listen to CRY 4 HELP in full via any of these providers.