In recent months one of our biggest obsessions has become altopalo, the fearlessly inventive New York-based foursome. After gushing over their previously released singles 'Blur'/'Frozen Away' and '(Head in a) Cloche/Pulp', we today have the pleasure of sharing their next step, 'Terra'.

Talking about the new track, altopalo tell us "'Terra is a digital tear that drops in memoriam of human connection in the world of social media. It's a question about what it means to be surrounded yet alone, yearning for validation and affirmation of life- an attempt to break through and share something real. Sounds were born from the slowing down of metal spoons clanking around, faux-orchestral guitar loops, and putting everything through breaking amps."

The complexity of their layers of sound is even more finely-tuned than on their previous, and that makes 'Terra' a complicated web into which you must weave your mind. It perfectly captures the vision they had in mind, with the lyrics speaking on the infinite information in our hands and the music playing the part of the myriad clanking and whistling distractions going on all around. The coldness of disconnection is on the surface, but the human yearning can be felt beneath all the noise. Once again it's a excellently immersive song from the group.

It’s accompanied by a beautiful video, directed by Patrick Golan and shot in Long Island. Check it out below.

altopalo's debut album frozenthere is coming out later this year.