It feels like we've been waiting forever for confirmation, but altopalo will release their debut album frozenthere on September 12th through Samedi Records. To coincide with the announcement, they've released another brand new track from the record called 'Mono'.

Having started life as a live improvisation, 'Mono' is an encapsulation of altopalo's experimentally sparing-yet-detailed songwriting style. Rahm Silverglade's vocals are wounded and downcast, and the mourning synth that lies beneath sounds like the aural representation of his physical depression. As 'Mono' progresses, shades are gradually added in the shape of plucked guitars, like the creeping feeling on his skin, and snatches of sounds like formerly fond memories that flicker across his mind as he tries to snuff them out. Silverglade's vocal gains in tension and soul, as the impossible weight of his regret begins to squeeze tighter - and altopalo's soundscape shifts to complement and fortify that emotion into a heart-wrenching denouement. Again altopalo have created a piece of quiet and detailed beauty that insists on further listens to fully grasp its dimensions. Check it out below.

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