Find artists that turn small relatable moments into magic. And when you find them, uplift them. Astounding and enigmatic artist, Alxndr London is that type of artist.

The intriguing London-based creative is back following the release of last year's A Long Time Ago EP with his brand new single 'Circus of Mermaids.' On it, he takes something as commonplace as a late night party and manipulates that one wild night into a universal, time-traveling realm for us to slink into.

Catch live performances from Alxndr at Fieldview Festival on August 5 and a second headline live show with special guests on August 23 at the Miranda Ace Hotel. Listen to 'Circus of Mermaids' below.

What has life and your approach to art looked like following the release of your debut EP, A Long Time Ago?

You know what, I feel happy. I created something dear, put my all in to it and shared that precious love with the universe. I'm 100% blessed. I knew I had to go back to the studio once it was out, so I resumed 'ghost mode' (I'm good at that), I burnt some sage, took the bookmark out of the old chapter and left yesterday to rest in peace. The new EP is magic, Mammy Wata lol. It's called 'The Only Day After Yesterday' or 'TODAY' (acronyms and all that fancy stuff). Some of the songs took over a year to create, others grew fully fledged wings and landed in days.

How would you describe the creative place you’re in right now?

It's weird. So much peace. I'm not used to it.

I read that you’ve been busy exploring the thin veil between reality and fantasy. What is that process for you, especially when it comes to your new music?

You read well, you read well. I let my imagination take me away to other worlds. Music allows my trials and tribulations to exist in a reality where I am this lone wandering relic, travelling through distant lands - with my trusted hat, obvi. I escape when I express. Melodies don't judge me and harmonies set my spirit free.

What is the story behind Circus of Mermaids?

Right, so I was at a party. It was a very super wild party. Fast forward I write a poem about the circus of it all; the irony. It mirrored how I felt inside. It felt like an open letter, some kind of think piece. A commentary on society. I scribbled this back in 2013, the smoke rose and here we are. Cc: Jack Gourlay on production. Welcome to the circus in my head. Safe. X