AMA LOU is a talented voice, who uses it for good. Every single - from 'TBC' to 'Not Aways - has been delivered with a message and her brand new 'Said It Already' is no different. Hear the 18-year-old purr for the younger generation below.

"Said it already' pays homage to the voice of a younger generation," she says. "Said it already’ is a mock play on the tension that is created from mixed ideals that lie in gap between multiple generations and what the younger generation’s ideas and developed normalities have to play against. During the sometimes complicated transitional period of old to new and yungans being forcefully taught dated reality (told what to do) when the world has changed and having to fight for current realism. I wrote said it already in light of my own experiences and observervations; the song isn’t heavily cast in seriousness but surely does carries the ponderosity of my own belligerent humour."