If anyone was going to write "A Poem For Dzhokhar", it was going to be Amanda Palmer.

The Dresden Dolls singer, who spent the last quarter of 2012 defending paying musicians with "hugs" despite raising over one millon dollars on Kickstarter (she later made a u-turn on the situation), published a poem inspired by the Boston Marathon bombing suspect, and it's everything you'd expect it to be.

Besides from being a pretty dreadful piece of work, it's terribly long too, but here's some of the highlights:

"you don’t know how to make something, but the instructions are on the internet."

"you don’t know how to tell the girl in the chair next to you that you’ve been peeking at her dissertation draft and there’s a grammatical typo in the actual file name."

"you don’t know why you let that guy go without shooting him dead and stuffing him in some bushes between cambridge and watertown."

"you don’t know the way to new york."

The entire thing can be read over at her site.