Amanda Palmer signs a record deal. Well.... I didn't see that one coming. Just a couple of weeks after the alt-indie musician (and former Dresden Doll) successfully raised over $1,000,000 on the crowdfunding site Kickstarter, she has now signed on Cooking Vinyl Records.

At the time of Palmer’s Kickstarter success there was huge debate into whether record companies were still a necessary evil in today's society; with artists so readily able to promote to fans directly and to raise capital in new and inventive ways. Amanda Palmer was the figurehead for this movement. There were cries of 'Vive La Revolution' in the streets and major label exe's were considering throwing themselves out of their top floor office windows (Dramatisation: may not have happened).

Fast forward a few weeks and it feels to some like the spokeswoman for the whole movement has turned against her principles. However, just a little look into the deal, and things aren't quite as clear cut as they initially seem. According to Martin Goldschmidt, Founder and MD of Cooking Vinyl Group "Our relationship is not a traditional record deal and reflects her ethics." It appears that the deal allows Cooking Vinyl to handle the 'distribution, project management, marketing and promotional services for her forthcoming album, Theatre of Evil , in the UK and Europe,' however, Palmer's own label (8ft Records) will be handling the worldwide release the upcoming record, and will still be maintaining ‘full artistic control over the campaign’ .

I'm sure there will still be a few fans who funded the campaign who wish they could get a re- fund, but ironically it is their money which helped to fund the success which made extra label help a necessity.

It'll be interesting to see which way this is spun by the media; in what is surely one of the stories of 2012 thus far. [via The Stool Pigeon]