The news story what just keeps on giving this week is Amanda Palmers's finances. Or lack of. Despite raising over a million dollars on Kickstarter to record her latest album, Theatre Is Evil, the former Dresden Dolls frontwoman had pleaded poverty when it came to paying musicians, choosing to crowdsource certain sections of her live band instead.

This move brought the singer a lot of criticism including a scathing attack from Steve Albini who had to later apologise for branding her an idiot. However, Palmer has now made a u-turn and has issued a statement to say she will pay the musicians after all, even if it does seem somewhat begrudgingly.

"For better or for worse, this whole kerfuffle has meant I've spent the past week thinking hard about this, listening to what everyone was saying and discussing. I hear you. I see your points. Me and my band have discussed it at length. And we have decided we should pay all of our guest musicians. We have the power to do it, and we’re going to do it. (in fact, we started doing it three shows ago.)

"My management team tweaked and reconfigured financials, pulling money from this and that other budget (mostly video) and moving it to the tour budget. All of the money we took out of those budgets is going to the crowd-sourced musicians fund. We are going to pay the volunteer musicians every night. Even though they volunteered their time for beer, hugs, merch, free tickets, and love: we'll now also hand them cash."

Don't fret if you were one of the regional musicians already used on her current tour, you'll be getting some cash too (although how much is unknown), "We're also retroactively sending a payment to the folks who've already played with us. SURPRISE!"