Amazon appears to be continuing their monopolisation of the consumer industry by branching out into the world of Fine Art. Currently only available in the United States, Amazon have teamed up with a number of galleries to provide a service selling art ranging from $10 for a Ryan Humphrey screen print to $4.8 million for a Norman Rockwell painting. Original Warhol's, Hirst's and other big name artist all feature on the site.

Whether this will continue or be rolled out on Amazon sites in other countries is not clear but it is an interesting development in the art world. This could be a turning point for art as a commodity and could reduce the view fine art being an elitist, luxury item.

Amazon will face stiff competition from other more reputable sites like Artsy who have already established themselves as online, fine art retailers. In 2001 Amazon attempted a similar project partnering with Sotheby's which only lasted 16 months so it will be interesting to see how this pans out.