Amazon have added another leg to its Prime service spider with the announcement and release of 'Amazon Prime Music'; a streaming service that intends to compete directly with Beats, Spotify, Google Play and in the US, Pandora. If you are already an Amazon Prime member then this next sentence will bring smiles to your sad Monday face. The service is free to all of those who are already signed up to the Prime service.

A PRIME time to sign up

The music service is currently only available to those in the United States but the service provides ad free access to millions of songs; a factor that makes it a definite contender to the streaming crown currently held by Spotify who only provide ad-free access at a premium level. Bear in mind though, Spotify chimes in at £9.99 a month whilst to be an Amazon Prime member, new subscribers pay £79 but get more than just the ability to stream music.

Amazon are gradually expanding their Prime service into a multitude of mediums including video games, so in a few years time the shopping giant might be the go to brand for your media needs.