Azekel is a young R&B singer that we've been tracking on The 405 for a few years now. Despite having been on radars for a little while, he's only just about to put out his debut album Our Father in May. The years of build up to it have certainly given him a lot of confidence and ingenuity though, as Our Father is not just a normal album, but will in fact be split into 3 chapters: ‘Family’, ‘Mental Health’ and ‘Youth’.

The 'Family' portion of the album has largely been heard already, in the singles 'Can We Have Fun', 'Don't Wake The Babies' and 'Black Is Beauty (Daughters)' (which can all be heard on Spotify), but today's offering 'Hollow' is the first we've heard from the 'Mental Health' chapter.

Considering it's called 'Hollow' and is from the 'Mental Health' chapter, you'd expect it to be a mellow song, but in fact it is upbeat and playful in its musicality. Azekel still takes the opportunity to self reflect and confess to a lot of less-than-healthy activities, but he balances the light with the dark in a forward-thinking and soulful way akin to Frank Ocean. The resounding feeling at the end of 'Hollow' is not one of emptiness, but rather one of acceptance of one's own faults and a promise of appreciation for life going forward, no matter how low you get.

Listen to 'Hollow' below.

Our Father comes out on May 11th. Follow Azekel on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.