Âme are the German duo of Frank Wiedemann and Kristian Beyer, who have been working together in many capacities since they met in a record store in 2001. The intervening years have involved setting up a label, a store, releasing singles, remixing and much more. In recent years especially they have become ubiquitous in the techno/house circuit as one of the most reliable and versatile party starters in their sets as Âme II Âme. It's perhaps surprising then that they have never released an album - but today they announce their first, Dream House, due on their own Innervisions label on June 1st.

As an introduction to Dream House, Âme have released the opening track 'The Line', which features Matthew Herbert. 'The Line' centres around Herbert's characteristic vocal, hypnotically looped while the Germans do some fine work in slow-building suspense behind him. The song is a lesson in patience, and just when you think it might break out into a 4/4 house beat, it never does, instead keeping you wanting more. It certainly is a teasing introduction to the album, and suggests that Dream House will be a large and carefully crafted experience.

The video for 'The Line' is directed by emerging German filmmaker Nikias Chryssos, whose debut feature 'Der Bunker' premiered at Berlinale 2015. It blends Chryssos's interpretation of Herbert's chant-like vocals with elements of Greek mythology, it stars Anna Bullard-Werner and Sebastian Schneider. Watch below.