What's exceptional about Amen Dunes' 'Believe' is how McMahon reflects on so much within 6 minutes - his past, his parents, and how it all had an effect on the relationships he details on the record. In the video for 'Believe,' director Steven Brahms gives life to these moments with a sincerity matched only by the song itself. McMahon plays back old home movies in his head, and is knocked down by the weight of the people he loves just like he was as a child. Freedom does the same to its listeners. You'll stop dead in your tracks at the climaxes of the record, unable to move for fear of missing out on the delicate pop beauty. It's clear from the footage that McMahon feels the same as the rest of us. He puts on his jacket to escape the memories that his apartment holds, but vivid images of an absent lover return to him. The jacket comes back off, and he's back on the floor, remembering all the little details that brought him to this point.