With his new album, Love, out this week via Sacred Bones, we caught up with Amen Dunes to ask him about his top five love songs (of course).

Sinead O'Connor - 'Nothing Compares 2 U'

Kind of nothing compares to this song if you're going down the love song path... voice and the lyrics are both so killer. Fancy restaurants, as she says, are better than girlfriends any day of the week. Sushi and lots of fun sans GF/BF.

Rolling Stones - 'Angie'

I'm kind of just winging it here, cause there are so many potential best love songs, but this one rules pretty hard too. Reminds me of being a kid in in the fall in NYC. Super hooky and Mick gets pretty into it, not phoning it in on this one.

Madonna - 'Borderline'

I love all the early Madonna hits. They just all feel really good, especially this one. The best melody on this song... I don't really know what she's talking about, but that doesn't really matter since the song rules.

The Beatles - 'Long, Long, Long'

I'm not sure this is actually a love song now that I'm listening again. It feels kind of more like a death song or something, but that's really all the same to me. Ha. I mean there's not much you can say about this song, it's just the best fucking song in every way, from the music and the parts, to the way it's recorded, to the vibe. It's kind of the perfect template for all dark acoustic music to come.

Bob Dylan - '4th Time Around'

Best love song ever about not needing someone, which for me is the best kind of love song. Blueprint for my early brain, this one.