American Authors are back with their larger-than-life inspirational new track 'Champion'. Featuring up-and-comer Beau Young Prince, 'Champion' explodes with eccentric instrumentation, intense passionate vocals and upbeat energetic melodies. A song of appreciation, it is a shout out to our own supporters and to all of those in our lives that have stuck by our side.

Lead vocalist Zac Barnett confides, "Champion is a song about that special person in your life who stays by your side no matter what. I know for me there's plenty of days where I feel defeated or down but I know I can turn to my girlfriend, the guys in my band, or even my mom to be the champion I need to pick me back up.”

The Brooklyn-based quartet is vocalist Zac Barnett, guitarist and banjo player James Adam Shelley, bassist Dave Rublin, and Matt Sanchez on drums. Fresh off of a stadium tour with O.A.R., American Authors are known for their confident and energetic live performances. With alternative rock infused with pop sensibilities and hip-hop rhymes, 'Champion', transcends the predictable genre boundaries. Take a listen to American Authors's stadium pop jam 'Champion'.

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