American Pleasure Club has a new album, fucking bliss, on the horizon and frontman Sam Ray has a new single to offer in the form of 'Ban This Book,' a blistering new look at the much-anticipated record.

Written and recorded in the midst of a breakdown in 2015, Ray says that fucking bliss was envisioned as the first American Pleasure Club record, following up the work of Teen Suicide. But the album was shelved because, according to Ray, the record felt "too jarring, too intentionally abrasive." When listening to 'Ban This Book,' one gets a sense of what Ray meant.

The song is an entrancing mix of hushed, distorted vocals, ambient clicks and shredding industrial noise. Ray has said that the album, and this song in particular, were influenced by the remarkably grim writings of Édouard Levé and it isn't hard to feel the darkness looming over the proceedings here. But Ray has a knack for framing glimpses into the abyss in a pretty damn compelling way and 'Ban This Book' is sure to latch itself onto many listeners' brains.

Ray had this to say about the song:

This song means the world to me. I've been playing it live for years secretly in Ricky Eat Acid sets, usually smashed between the DnB influenced tracks off "Talk to You Soon" & the tech-house one-off 'When I Look at a Strawberry,' another dark, long track that also, coincidentally, directly references Édouard Levé, via the title of his essay/excerpt that ran in the Paris Review -- "When I Look at a Strawberry, I Think of a Tongue." The song itself is the first one of ours to at all more-directly reference our (old) name-sake band "Suicide," a kinda loving homage to "Frankie Teardrop," like if the Devil Little-Nicky'd him out of Hell in 2019 or something to die eternally shooting fentanyl every night or whatever. Not to say it's all throwback noise-kitsch or junkie-lite bullshit either it's just like, a fucked up little joy. Like vomiting, or doing too much cocaine, or eating a whole thing of ice-cream at once, or getting the shit kicked out of you when you're wasted. I can't say what it's about, but it's of a piece with it all. It's sort of indirectly a sequel to our track 'Beauty' from "Big Joyous Celebration." In spirit & sound, really, too. I quite like it, I guess, that's the point. I hope you like it. If ya don't, that's fine. Fuck it.

American Pleasure Club will release fucking bliss on March 29 through Run For Cover Records. You can order the record here and check out some upcoming tour dates down below.

  • 07 March - Underground Arts (w/Thursday); Philadelphia, PA
  • 08 March - Underground Arts (w/Thursday); Philadelphia, PA
  • 09 March - Brighton Music Hall (w/Thursday); Boston, MA
  • 10 March - Brighton Music Hall (w/Thursday); Boston, MA
  • 15 March - Ottobar (w/Thursday); Baltimore, MD
  • 16 March - Ottobar (w/Thursday); Baltimore, MD
  • 17 March - Saint Vitus (w/Thursday); Brooklyn, NY