When you think of Minneapolis and its music, there are probably a few names that immediately come to mind - Prince, The Replacements, maybe even The Hold Steady and Motion City Soundtrack. The city also has a prominent hip-hop and rap scene thanks to Rhymesayers Records and the hip-hop collective Doomtree, but what you probably don't know is that they also have a blossoming indie rock scene. One of its finest bands is American Youth, an indie-folk four piece who have been tirelessly crafting and perfecting their work for a few years now.

That hard work will all pay off on 23 September when they release their debut self-titled album. It was recorded at The Hideaway Studios with Jeff Marcovis - the Hideaway has worked with the likes of Minus the Bear, Cloud Cult, and Doomtree, so it's bound to be a treat. They'll be dropping their debut single soon, but until then you can listen to 'Sojourner' below, which came out back in July of 2012.

A few months back they stopped over at the famed Daytrotter studios where they recorded versions of some of the album's tracks, and you can take a listen to it over at their website.

  • Tracklist:
  • The Devil Wants Me Dead
  • Run West
  • Keep Floatin On
  • Wanted Man
  • Draw Blood
  • Ballad of the Do Nothing Kids
  • Starlett
  • Abel
  • Robin Hood
  • Weakest
  • Oklahoma
  • Cowboy Killers