Amistat twins Josef and Jan Prasil have released their poignant alt/folk song ‘Love and Light’. An emotive environmental call to action, the track showcases raw instrumentation and thought-provoking lyrics, hoping to raise awareness of the current environmental crisis.

The stunning single embodies the passion and importance of the subject, with the brothers revealing, “Love and Light is about the relationship between humans and every other living creature and how we must treat one another with more respect and compassion again.”

Following the release of their single ‘Far From Home’ which received both critical and commercial acclaim, Amistat are taking a slightly different approach with ‘Love and Light’. Floating melodies and soft vocals create an undeniably authentic and honest approach to their music, giving listeners a hint of what’s more to come.

Originating from Europe and now residing in Australia, the brothers exposure to different cultures seeps deep into their sound. Perhaps as twins, it is their telepathy which allows the two to form a unity within their music and rich harmonies, or maybe it’s just the sheer musicality between them that enables their songwriting to glow with dynamic and hypnotic arrangements.

After completing a successful tour, the duo are now set to continue releasing singles on the lead up to an album. Check out ‘Love and Light’ now.

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