Word of Amoeba, the "World's Largest Independent Record Store", had been a bit down for a while. Just a few weeks ago the outlet sold its Los Angeles location, to the disappointment of many LA music faithful. But for those near the outlet's original location in Berkeley, California, there was some positive, although slightly different news.

The Berkeley store has acquired an official Marijuana Dispensary License, which had actually been in the works for some time now. Co-owner Dave Prinz spoke with the East Bay Express last year on the potential, now realized, shift, saying, "Weed can help save music—absolutely. It also fits in with what we do, who we are. It's counterculture to a very high degree."

While the license has been obtained, there's still a bit of time before Amoeba Berkeley will actually be selling marijuana, which requires some extensive remodeling in order to convert the jazz section into a dispensary.