Famous independent record store chain Amoeba Music may be converting a portion of its flagship store in Berkeley, California into a weed dispensary. They've applied for a permit to sell medical marijuana, which, if secured, will allow them to operate as another of many weed dispensaries dotted around the state.

"College kids don’t buy as much music as they used to," Amoeba co-owner David Prinz told the East Bay Express. "It also fits in with what we do, who we are. It’s counterculture to a very high degree."

And they're not without the necessary connections, either; Prinz added: "Amoeba has some really good friends who really grow some beautiful strains."

Amoeba's application will be judged against those of five other potential purveyors of pot, with a decision being passed down by the city council following a series of public hearings.

In related news, Snoop Dogg recently co-founded a weed-based company called Merry Jane.