We've extensively profiled Amon Tobin in the past, and his ISAM project he toured in 2011 (and earlier in the year) was an audio and visual delight through electronic music and large scale stage sets. The artist has now announced version two of his project, promising to be twice the show in every respect, with a new set design that is double that of the previous one.

On the 8th March next year Tobin will be bringing ISAM LIVE 2.0 to the Hammersmith Apollo. A warning is being sent out that the show will contain 'strobe lighting and very loud music'. Where most musicians will give this warning out as easy as they untuck their shirts on photo-shoots, Amon Tobin will definitely be flashing lights in your face more than an optician on speed, and as for the noise, you'll probably be lucky to leave with one eardrum still in-tact. Check out the preview to the show below.