Rock powerhouse Amy Guess is prepping her debut EP, due out later this year. The road to its release has included a few singles, all of which establish her as a bright and booming personality on the alternative rock scene. The Las Vegas artist also pours details of her life into her music, making each track a relatable anthem. Listen to her latest single, ‘Lay Low’, below.

We make conscious decisions to begin, and eventually end, relationships. This is simply the cycle of life: we change, as do the people that we surround ourselves with, and so friction is bound to occur. Guitars growl to match Guess’ snarling lyrics in her new single about this phenomenon, where she unapologetically demands her personal space from a relationship that offered her none. While communication and mediation are meant to help us grow together, sometimes that is not possible; in her own words, Amy Guess wrote ‘Lay Low’ “about taking a stepping away from the wrong relationships to have more time for the right ones.”

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