The Amy Winehouse Foundation is opening a home for women recovering from alcohol and drug addiction. Doors of the east London recovery home known as Amy's Place will open on August 22, which is five years after Winehouse died of accidental alcohol poisoning. The aim is to help recovering female addicts reintegrate into society.

"Picture a person who is 14 years old, has come from a broken home, hasn't engaged at school, ends on a path of addiction and winds up at 25-26 years old going to rehab, learning how to get clean, and then leaving rehab and being told to get on with it," Dominic Ruffy, the special project director at the Amy Winehouse Foundation, said "It can be as simple as not knowing how to go about getting your benefits or engaging in college." The home is made up of 12 self-contained apartments and can house up to 16 women.