An Easter jaunt to Paris was a reminder that style is something that France takes very seriously. From the major designers on Avenue Montaigne to the couturiers and contemporary brands found in concept stores such as Collette on Rue Saint Honoré, Paris is a major shopping destination and what it offers is evolving. Paris isn't as quick to push trends as say London, with its simple chic uniform and consistent nod to the '60s style defined by Anna Karina and co in the films of the French new wave a fail safe way to capture a certain je ne sais quo. That said, some French brands are moving away from the clichés and pushing print beyond the infamous Breton stripe. This is interesting, non?

One such brand is MAMAMA, who have a strong focus on graphics and a tongue in chic nonchalance. Their amusingly named Spring/Summer 2014 lookbook, Pleasure is the Happiness of the Crazy, brings a new multicultural collaboration between illustrators to offer a range of distinctive and fun tshirts, sweaters and crop tops.

With designs from several new illustrators and photographers like Japanese Hisashi Okawa, Indonesian Ryan Ady Putra, French Christophe Synak and Théo Fevez, Brazilian Miguel Soll, Belgian Tim Colmant and New Yorker Lisa Hanawalt it's pretty much impossible to choose a favourite, so probably best to snap them all up and wear them whilst sipping Orangina in the sunshine and dreaming of Paris. Sounds like a plan right!