Fearlessness is ferocious, and B.Miles is a singer who embodies that perfectly.

Seeing her perform to a packed room of strangers was the best introduction imaginable. The way she'd sway back and forth; the way she'd push her hands forward; the way she'd get lost in her own vocals. It was real passion. I caught up with the artist to discuss her debut EP, crushes, and live shows.

When did you first start writing music?

I have a clear memory of writing my first "song" in the 6th grade after my crush ended things with me. At the time it felt like real heartbreak.

Was it an immediate desire to have other people hear your music or did it grow over time?

[Laughs]. No I was very shy about my music at first. It wasn't until we recorded 'Nine Matches' that I had the desire for everyone to hear it.

The first tune I heard by you was 'Running' and I was immediately struck by how much identity you were able to convey in that track. How did that song come together?

That song was crafted in Miami with Eric Nizgretsky. He and I write together constantly. We were laughing about the fact that I had been single for so long, and he had this melody we were fooling around with. Our conversation just catered itself to the lyrics.

Were the songs off your latest EP made within the same span of time and does it feel like they come together as one cohesive piece?

These songs were written up and down the east coast over a two-year timespan. The core ideas for a few songs were crafted in Miami and flushed out in New York. I think what ties them together as a cohesive unit is that each song carries a different element of a love story. Whether that's heartbreak, falling in love, being jaded; they each carry a completely different narrative.

How does what you're doing with B.Miles feel different than other musical projects you've delved into in the past?

This is the first project I've ever done that didn't involve being in a choir, or a musical, any sort of group that's pre-determined. This project is really the first time I can just be me. I don't need to put on a character or pretend to be something I'm not, I can just be B.Miles. It's all brand new to me but I'm lucky to be figuring it out with my best friends.

Seeing you perform at The Standard was something else. It was clear to me how as the set went on you were fully encompassed within the moment. How does it feel for you to perform these songs?

The Standard show was definitely a more intimate setting for us, it really felt like a conversation with the crowd. Every show is different, but there was something uncanny about playing every song from the new EP on the top floor of The Standard and knowing the EP would be completely released a week later.

B.Miles can be found over here.