We built sandcastles with Szymon, Christoph and Hubert of Eric Shoves them in his pockets. Afterwards we spoke about their new record With Love, hiding from things and the Beastie Boys.

Hi guys how are you?

Szymon: Pretty good.

Hubert: Yeah pretty good.

We've just been building sandcastles, how would you guys rate yours?

H: On a scale 0-10?

S: It's a strong 7!

Christoph: I'd almost say an 8.

Are you trying to be diplomatic with the 7?

S: Modest, trying to be modest.

It's been four years since the release of your debut album what changed in between the two records?

S: I don't know if anything changed, did anything change?

H: I think the lyrics changed a little bit because of the changes in your life, like your marriage. I think the lyrics are a little more mature.

S: Somebody said that it's cool just looking at the lyrics you can see how that they were written in a different part of our lives. I don't know if they're more mature they're just different they're about something different, that's the main thing.

C: You said it's more about hiding from things.

S: Yeah the first one was more about trying to discover yourself and this one is like, you can't discover yourself just hide.

H: Whatever you discover, hide from it!

Some of the new songs on the new album you've been touring with for a while, what are some of the older tracks that made it onto the record?

S: Two songs I think we played at the premier concert for the first album. We take a lot of time recording and coming up with ideas and these two are as old as the first album.

C: One of them is on the EP, which we released before they first album but in a different version. So there are some songs that are quite old but the versions are new.

When you play these live are you testing the crowds reaction to them? And how much influence does the crowd have on what makes it onto the album?

C: Totally, I remember we tested almost all the songs on the album we'd tested live before.

H: Sometimes it happens that we test them and then rearrange them.

Have their been any surprises in how the audience reacts?

C: I would've never expected 'Worst' to be so liked.

S: That's the last song on the With Love album. It's a song that we created and I don't remember writing it. It's a song that people really like and we'd never expected it.

H: I also think we are not expecting anything from people. We are just having fun and if it works for us then it should work for everyone else. Playing it live is like a test but the final version is a combination of lots of different aspects.

C: Yeah, we check the audience's reaction but also test our own reaction. We have to play it live because it's totally different doing it live to when it's just the three of us in some basement. There are times when you're out on the stage playing it live and you realise something just doesn't work. You have to kind of test it for yourself.

Your bio on Thin Man Records says that you originally wanted to create sad music?

S: Yeah, I really like sad music.

C: Teenage angst.

S: I think just playing concerts is so much fun that you can write songs that are about serious things but when you go to a concert it just seems a lot more natural for us to enjoy ourselves, since so many people came to the concert to enjoy themselves.

I think the party vibe was something that we caught onto while playing concerts and we love doing that and I think it's led our songs to be songs that can be about sad or intense emotions but work in a life setting. There are songs that are really intense for me and there are days when I don't feel like playing them, so I like songs that I can play everyday. Of course I can play a song any day but I want to be honest doing it. It's about finding a balance between serious stuff and not being a martyr on stage.

No Lou Reed tribute album then?

S: I would love to do a sad album, but then I would feel like we'd have to do sad Eric Shoves Them In His Pockets concerts. Tell people before that this is going to be an intimate quiet concert and that would be the deal.

C: Then we wouldn't be building sandcastles.

I really liked the 'With Love' video especially the Beastie Boys like shots where you're almost rapping into to camera.

C: Beastie Boys were of course a major influence.

S: It was only natural that we would do that.

H: I'm a huge fan of hip-hop and the hip-hop world, in fact we all are.

Did you come up with the art direction yourself or was it a creative process with the video director?

S: It was 50/50 us and them.

C: We had like two/three meetings and then just exchanged emails. At first we had some really complicated idea for a whole story. They also had an idea and we worked on them. Part of it was also spontaneous on set.

Are there any plans for a vinyl release of With Love?

C: We wanted to have it released now with the album premiere, but the album got mastered a bit later and now it takes months to get a record printed. There's not that many places that press vinyl, so maybe after the summer.