It would often seem that when many people think of ambient music, they have a misplaced internal sense that it is easy to make. Swirling soundscapes? No lyrics? I could do that. But when listeners tackle a musician like Ancient Ocean, there will be no mistaking the expansive soundscapes and stirring beauty for anything other than the work of a virtuoso culling together his innumerable talents in the pursuit of something truly staggering. And so we arrive at Ancient Ocean's latest LP, Titan's Island, which is premiering today exclusively through The 405.

The record centers itself conceptually around Saturn's moon of Titan, which was found to have surface lakes and seas by the exploratory spacecraft Cassini, which recently ended its mission by crashing into Saturn. By toying with the themes of discovery and exploration through his complex, interlocking sounds, composer J.R. Bohannon has found himself into some truly powerful and possibly even transformative.

Check out the majesty of Titan's Island below and, if you are an enraptured with it as I was, feel free to pre-order it (either digitally or on colored vinyl) right here.

  • 21 September - Nice N Sleazy (w/Mark McGuire); Glasgow, UK
  • 22/23 September - Liverpool Psych Fest; Liverpool, UK
  • 24 September - Shacklewell Arms (w/Mark McGuire); London, UK
  • 25 September - TBD (w/Mark McGuire); Brighton, UK
  • 27 September - Worm (w/Mark McGuire); Rotterdam, NL
  • 28 September - De Ruimte (w/Mark McGuire); Amsterdam, NL
  • 29 September - La Zone (w/Mark McGuire); Liege, BE
  • 1 October - Broken Zone (w/Mark McGuire); Cologne, DE
  • 5 October - Concert Chez Moi (w/Mark McGuire); Nice, FR
  • 6 October - Le Lieu Unique (w/Mark McGuire); Nantes, FR