After making decent headway in the music streaming game, what's next for Apple? Well, according to a report in Variety, they'll be focusing on the creation of original video content next.

According to unnamed sources (as always) the tech giant – specifically Eddy Cue, in charge of all things content for Apple (he's the one who tweeted Taylor Swift after her open letter) – has been in talks with high-level executives with a view to branching out into the world of video, à la Netflix, Amazon and Hulu; allegedly the wheels could already be in motion for the hiring process, aiming to launch next year.

Other sources, however, say that proceedings haven't got that far at all. Still others claim that independent film is the way the company intend to go. Apple have not yet commented.

From our point of view, although Apple might have their hands full with Apple Music and Beats 1, an expansion of Apple TV into the realm of original programming and video streaming would seem to be the most logical next step for a company who seem intent on being the be-all-and-end-all of media.

Whatever will happen, we can hope for some news from the Apple press event next week, Wednesday 9th September.