"There's a rottweiler… on the roof". But, this by far isn't the strangest observation of the evening. And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead, a band together for seventeen years, seven albums down and at the end of a sell-out UK tour are playing a tiny former biker's shed in a suburb in Brixton. The dog would have to leap off the roof and fly to make this anymore surreal. Only 90 tickets were made available for the show, but tonight only half of those people seem to be here. It couldn't get more intimate than being invited round to the band's backyard for a beer on a similarly dusky spring evening in Austin.

The evening begins with a small exhibition of original artwork from Tao Of The Dead sketched by Conrad in the corner of the room as the locals look on and a sleepy springer spaniel takes a nap underneath the bar. Guarded by the band's manager, fans casually go up and look at the prints of Conrad's self-proclaimed digi-novellette and even get the chance to buy their own prints. The band, long-term members Conrad and Jason, and new members bassist Autry and drummer Jamie, wander around the venue talking to casually to fans before the show. Support from local band Ice,Sea,Dead People brings some sort of semblance of a normal gig to the night, but there is nothing that is ordinary about this evening.

With little ceremony, the band walk through the small but devout crowd and cram onto the cramped stage to launch into the sneering vowels of, 'Will You Smile Again For Me'. As the beads of sweat already start to dribble down Conrad's face and the crowd lunge forward, it's clear tonight's show is going to be unforgettable. The rallying tumble and fall intro of, 'Summer Of Dead Souls', sees the band and crowd push harder. As Jason says, "We've never played this live", everyone's heart's skips a beat as the opening hum of 'Spiral Jetty' echoes out and descends into the carefree sway of 'Weight Of The Sun', before Conrad let's out a guttural scream and the band all lunge in time to it's relentless euphoric pulse.

Although, this line-up of the band have only been playing together for this album they fit naturally and play seamlessly together. Jason and Conrad, as ever boyishly grin at each other subconsciously interpreting the other's next move, as Autry and Jamie instinctively follow. A single respite to the traditional sweat pit you'd expect from a Trail Of Dead show comes only from the soothing chords and soft rock drawl of, 'Ebb Away'.

Like the Electric Ballroom show a week earlier, the set doesn't restrict itself to Tao Of The Dead as the driving chords of 'Caterwaul' picks the momentum back up again. But, unlike the Electric Ballroom show tonight Trail Of Dead play the song every fan's been waiting for at every show. 'Deh, deh, deh, dah, dah, deh, deh,de' as everyone stares in wide-eyed disbelief as 'Mistakes And Regrets' shakes the Windmill to its rickety foundations and the dog on the roof probably looses it's footing. As the band sway to the disarmingly calm opening of Jason's drum beat, the crowd quite controlled until now, drops their guard lurching forward and before finally singing along to each of Conrad's bloodcurdling screams. The uncontrollable avalanche of riffs and manic drums of, 'Perfect Teenhood' continues the reverb-high to near delirium as everyone shouts along to the countdown.

The set closes with a violet outburst of, 'Totally Natural', leaving us to stagger out of into the calm of south-london with the best show of our lives still ringing-out in our ears.