Nothing quite brightens the day like a fun tag on SoundCloud, and the tag in question right now is "casual house" - yep, house music ain't always about bustin a move or dropping a groove or any other dance-related saying. Sometimes it's all about chilling the F out.

I mean, not that you can't dance to this kinda stuff, even if it is the ultimate tropical chill of 'Looking Back' by Andras & Oscar. Body-sweeping chords of soft synth rise and fall alongside beachside palm-muted guitars and incisive breezy melodies, supported by the occasional swishes of marimba notes and one laid-back funk of a bassline. Shakers and glosses of percussion ornament the understated beat as soulful vocals echo over the calm waters of the track - a drop of bliss.

FYI Australian duo Andras & Oscar = purveyor of chill Andras Fox and songmaker Oscar Key Sung. The lovely sounds of 'Looking Back' are taken from their album Café Romantica, out 17th October. You can pre-order it here.