Parisian producer Andrea has remixed 'MIRAGES' by fellow Parisian, Saycet, which is taken from the latter's latest album MIRAGE, released in back in February.

Whilst the original is an all-encompassing synthpop epic, featuring vocals from Phoene Somsavath, the remix by Andrea is decidedly more low-key. But this doesn't mean it's got less presence – it's got gallons of it, a flood of tantalising sounds from the delicate fluid samples of raindrops dripping to the gently pulsing kicks. The remix shivers with a shuffling beat, floats and soars with a dreamt-up tempest of electronic flutterings, a beautiful beast.

Both producers were kind enough to answer a few questions about their respective creations:

What's the inspiration/idea behind the track?
Saycet: "It's sounds like sensitive conflict… like a 'Loud Levitation'. I wanted something epic and dreamy at the same time."
Andrea: "The idea was to take every little misheard part of the track in the original and make a huge soundscape in motion out of it, something you couldn't escape from."

Is there any particular time or place in the universe where it'd sound best?
Saycet: "It's an introspective song to calm down to, so, the place has no importance. Listen to it alone and think in many positive waves."
Andrea: "Anywhere you could close your eyes, feel safe and have the wind blow on your skin."

What would you like people to see or feel when they listen?
Saycet: "I'd like the people to have the same feeling like I had when I made the song… a deep freedom and serenity feeling with a little bit of violence."
Andrea: "I'd like them to feel like they're not part of their own body anymore, just somewhere floating through space and time."

Below the remix stream is a live version of the original 'MIRAGES', a video taken from a performance of Saycet at French festival Panoramas 2015 earlier this month. He'll be playing twice at Great Escape in Brighton on 14th and 16th May.