Celebrated singer-songwriter and acclaimed multi-instrumentalist Andrew Bird has been having what most would assume is pretty busy few weeks. As well as scoring the new FX show Baskets starring Zach Galifianakis, sporting an upcoming tour, and appearing on Conan, Bird has announced his ninth studio album Are You Serious.

The album will debut April 1st via Bird's longtime label Loma Vista and will feature the likes of Fiona Apple and Blake Mills. It's Bird's first studio record since 2014's Things Are Really Good Here, Sort Of. A deluxe edition of the album will feature a bevy of unreleased work, including an exclusive, unreleased 10" of Are We Not Burning? The Devolution of Capsized , a 7" of tracks 'Shoulder Mountain' and 'Pulaski' that will not be on the standard release of the album, and a 64-page book with artwork for each of the new album's tracks, including the lead single 'Capsized' which Bird debuted last night on his aforementioned Conan appearance.

Ever-busy, Bird also appeared on NPR's All Songs Considered +1 Podcast this morning, talking about the new work. On the lead single, 'Capsized', Bird says: "I think the reason it ['Capsized'] has this staying power, there are just a few songs in your lifetime that can do this, where you can play them every night and it doesn't feel like you're being penned in by the music. It changes because you feel different as a person from one hour to the next throughout the day and it's rare to have a song that can change with you. Sometimes certain things come out of me that I don't expect and it just adapts to how I feel. And that's how I felt at that moment."

Check out the studio version of 'Capsized' below and pre-order Are You Serious today.

Check out the tracklist below:

  • 01. Capsized
  • 02 Roma Fade
  • 03.. Truth Lies Low
  • 04. Puma
  • 05. Chemical Switches
  • 06. Left Handed Kisses
  • 07 Are You Serious
  • 08. Saints Preservus
  • 09. The New Saint Jude
  • 10. Valleys Of The Young
  • 11. Bellevue
  • 12. Shoulder Mountain *
  • 13. Pulaski *