If Picasso had owned a web-cam, he'd more than likely be Andrew Bravener! With both a tragically colorful take on the events of his own life and a cheerfully goofy way of making sense of it all, Youtube's very own Andrew Bravener's library of video blogs have become more of a lecture on the do's and dont's in life rather than a collection of random videos filmed from inside his bedroom in Ontario, Canada. Lets face it, these days Youtube is far better quality viewing that any of the crap they show on TV and the reality show that is Andrew Bravener is worth tuning into! Make a note of Andrews Unfortunate Stories series! No two videos are the same; whether they are auctioning some of his fantastic art work or just to tell us that no one, not even Andrew Bravener is immune to the flu! It's the thought that counts! But what i really love about Andrew Bravener is the care-free conviction of which he speaks in his blogs. Just like everyone else with the power of the Internet at their fingertips, Andrew is airing his voice and valued opinion to the new age masses and with a wardrobe of ever changing hairstyles - garnished by various different forms of head wear, it's hard not to take an interest in what's being protested through your speakers! Andrew took some time out from posting videos to give an exclusive interview to The405. Check it out! What made you want to start your own YouTube channel? Mostly from watching other vlogs. My biggest inspiration came from a user named Ketchuppopsicle. He doesn't make videos much anymore but man, his stuff was awesome and he was really supportive of my attempts to start vlogging. As we speak, you currently have 21,850 subscribers and a total of 400,372 channel views. How does something like that make you feel/influence your views on Youtube itself/influence your videos? Well, it makes me feel that I have a voice on youtube. If I have something to say or am feeling strongly about a certain issue I feel like my words don't fall on deaf ears. Haha having that many subscribers compared to a year ago still blows my mind. How did your little catchphrase "Do It" come to mind? Just something I said offhandedly in one of my videos and it was kind of a running joke between me and a few users. I think it was the way I said it, but it just kinda stuck. Who/What inspires your to make your videos? My friends and family mostly. Video ideas come from conversations i've had or ideas that have spawned while talking to people. If I get to laughing where my ribs hurt I start thinking, "how could I turn this into a video?" Are there any plans to continue with your Unfortunate Stories series? Oh yes, there are far more times as a child I have been emotionally or physically damaged. Be on the lookout for more sad Andrew times. You recently auctioned some of your personal art work on ebay. How'd that turn out? Not bad! They both sold, and for far more then I expected. Gets me excited people still buy art. One thing I've noticed from watching your videos, is the evolution of the hair styles that you've sported. Do you have a favorite video where you can safely say to yourself "Yeah my hair looks good there!"? I feel my hair was particularly bitchin' in the video where I rap about a user, zacharyxbinks. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhIbxtaAuhg] What have you been listening to a lot of on your Ipod/mp3 player recently? Fugazi, Botch, Led Zeppelin and The Human Abstract have been on repeat A LOT. Alot, if not all of your videos are Vblogs. What was your choice behind doing this instead of say small sketches, skits etc? Haha my sketches turn really lame really fast. Most of the time I like having a message in my videos, i'll make a sketch if, and only if, I get a kickin' idea. Finally, where do you see yourself in 4 years time, in terms of your work on Youtube, new projects and any other personal aspirations you have in life? Oh wow, 4 years? Hard to say, I hope to still be making videos. I don't know if youtube has a shelf life of that long. I'd like to finish college as well. I'd really enjoy finding a job in theater working on a production team creating sets and props. Be sure to check out the rest of Andrew's videos on his Youtube channel by clicking here!!! - "DO IT!"