Crywank started the night off with solo acoustic folk-punk, in a more introspective, Mountain Goats-y vein than the other acts – with loud, shouty bits too, though. I wasn't sold at first, but when I moved up front and started paying attention, he completely won me over. It was only his second ever gig, but he already had excited fans singing along to the songs from his self-released album. Apologies, I Have None were next, with a brilliant set that sounded like Against Me! After they went electric but before they started to suck (I'm told that their recorded material is mostly acoustic and sounds like an English Against Me!, which can only be a good thing). Andrew Jackson Jihad's tour mate Kepi Ghoulie played another excellent set of more upbeat solo folk-punk, rounding off one of the most solid groups of support acts I've ever seen. Even if he did refuse to play a Weezer song for 405 writer Rob Evans (who, in turn, refused to write this review for me. I can only assume these facts are related). Sean Bonnette and Ben Gallaty, the core members of Andrew Jackson Jihad, joined Kepi on stage for his last few songs, and launched straight into their own set as soon as he had time to unplug his guitar. From the first bars of 'Brave As A Noun', the crowd was screaming along to almost every word and spilling onto the stage. This was one of the best gigs I've ever been to, and it must have been one of the best nights of the tour. You can download Crywank's album for free here: