Following his domination of the internet, Lil Bub is planning to invade American homes via his own Animal Planet show, Special Special, and for the show's premiere, Lil Bub "invited" Andrew W.K. for a cosmic feel-good song called 'Star Party Animal' that made my day 10,000 times better. The plot is pretty simple: Bub's owner goes out of town, leaving the internet superstar alone with actress Amy Sedaris. What happens next is pure musical magic with the adorable message of "you can do anything" because you're "stronger than a lion and cuter than a baby."

This is the third time that Andrew W.K. and Lil Bub have collaborated; the über-cute kitten first showed up at Andrew's 24-hour drumathon, before teaming up on a special holiday message. Lil Bub's Special Special premieres this Saturday.

Source: SPIN