Cultural ambassador to the Middle East (even if it did fall through), spokesman for Playtex, creators of unisex sanitary products for use before and after sex, and now potential record breaker; Andrew W.K. really is just partying hard and not giving a damn. Here's a guy who just throws himself into absolutely anything and everything, and just has a blast; an ethos we should perhaps all share.

So what is he throwing himself into this time? In conjunction with O Music Awards, he's set to break the record for the "longest drum session in a retail store" by playing for 24 whole hours in Times Square's Oakley store. Currently ongoing, W.K. is bringing out a number of famous friends to join him including The Roots' Questlove. O Music have already staged a number of world record attempts, including last year's attempt by The Flaming Lips to play "the most shows in a 24 hour period, multi-city."

W.K. had this to say about his utterly mental, and surely exhausting, record attempts:

"I've stayed up many times for much longer than 24 hours in a party atmosphere, but what will keep me going for this drumming feat is interaction with other people - their energy, them cheering me on. This feat of rhythmic endurance is going to push me to my party limits. Pounding out a beat for an entire earthly rotation will be a life-changing and life-threatening adventure!"

"I'm calling upon all the positive party power I can summon from above and below, from inside my own soul, and from the generous energy of all the amazing drummers who’ll be playing with me. Please give me your strength, so I may not only endure this ordeal, but make it an inspiring team achievement for us all! When it’s time to party, we will always drum hard."

We'll bring you the vidoe evidence when we have it. Though U.S. readers can watch it happens as it unfolds (here).