It's been twelve, long, party filled years since Andrew W.K. smashed himself in the face with a brick for the front cover of major label debut I Get Wet. He came, he partied, then he partied some more. A lot more.

With such a party pedigree, he basically had two options. One, was to keep partying the only way he knows how, which was hard. Two, he could take all those volumes of acquired party experience, compile them into a readable format for his fellow man, stand atop the most party mountain he could climb, and broadcast his party commandments.

That's right. Andrew W.K. has written The Party Bible. In crayon.

Or has he? The book of party is announced, but Andrew wants you to use the hashtag '#ThePartyBible' and tell him what you want in it. Right, OK. Well, we all know that Andrew W.K. has a hard, hard party schedule to keep, so let's help him out.

Watch a rather well put together trailer for the book that may or may not yet exist below and tweet your most party Party Bible requests and suggestions to Mr W.K. at your leisure.

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