Andrew W.K. is set to speak as a guest lecturer at The Oxford Union next month.

The 'Party Hard' rocker will follow in the footsteps of some of the world's greatest political figures and spiritual leaders by speaking at the debating society, which has hosted experts from almost every field.

His appearance will see him deliver a keynote speech entitled Andrew W.K. and The Philosophy of Partying, which he has previously taken to Ivy League universities Harvard and Yale. The presentation focuses on "his signature message of positive power and celebratory self-confidence."

Oxford's Nick Fowler called Andrew W.K. "one of Rock N' Roll's greatest philosophers" whilst the university's rock society, who were instrumental in bringing the musician to the union, said "we've seen rock stars, we've seen brilliant public speakers, but rarely are they the same person."

The 'party philosopher' is also finishing work on his first non-fiction book, The Party Bible. His keynote speech at The Oxford Union will take place on June 13th

Watch Andrew W.K.'s 405 session here: