Andy Stack is probably best known for being one half of Wye Oak, but in fact he's always lending a hand to other projects, such as Lambchop, EL VY and Helado Negro. Perhaps that's why it's taken him so long to deliver a solo record, but now bounding forth under the moniker Joyero, Stack will be releasing an album called Release The Dogs on August 23rd through Merge. He already shared the song 'Salt Mine' a while back, but today gives us another new cut.

'Dogs' is a song that shows off his prowess as a percussionist, producer and even singer - something we haven't heard much from him in the past. 'Dogs' centres around his inventive rhythm, which forms a skeleton on which he fleshes out the track with gradual inclusion of synth and brass. Atop all of this are his furtive vocals, lovelorn and contemplative, comparing himself to a dog and a ghost, but never seeming upset by these feelings, just content and thoughtful - a true reflection of himself as a human.

Stack self-directed the video for 'Dogs', and he says about it:

“I filmed this in the back of Wye Oak’s tour van in Durham, NC, as summer temperatures crept toward triple digits, so these dogs had no problem showing me their panting, slobbery tongues and beautiful white teeth. It’s a song about longing and control, love and danger, cages we are placed into and cages in which we choose to stay. I felt at home in this box, close cuddling with dogs and hens and tarantulas, delusional from the heat and happy to stay a little longer than was probably advisable.”

Joyero's album Release The Dogs comes out through Merge on August 23rd.