Sometimes you just need a reminder of how beautiful and fragile the world can be. Norwegian singer/songwriter Ane Bjerkan's latest track 'Cherry Blossoms' is a perfect example of this, with its powerful simplicity slightly reminiscent of Nico's Desertshore neo-classicalism (yet with a much less darker undertone). "To me the track is special, because I allowed myself to keep the arrangement and the composition so simple, which felt brave," she says. "I also have to say that I really admire everyone who has been playing, producing, mixing and mastering my new music."

Bjerkan has now shared the video for 'Cherry Blossoms', a Terje Trobe-directed clip whose black and white simplicity constitutes the perfect companion to the song: it echoes discovery, beauty, and purity, and though it may be pretty personal, it also feels very universal in its language: "we had the idea of an astronaut looking for her landing site and in the end, creating it herself," Bjerkan says of the video. "It is maybe of a metaphor of what's going on in my own life these days."

You can watch the clip for 'Cherry Blossoms' below.