With recent single 'Time', Angelo De Augustine re-introduced himself in a pristine, studio-recorded style, further proving that his delicate musical style has a celestial power. He will be releasing a new album called Tomb on January 18th through Asthmatic Kitty, and today continues his incantation over our eardrums by releasing the title track.

He tells us about the initial seed of 'Tomb', saying: "I was on a day trip in a town called Ojai and went into a second hand music shop out of curiosity. Hanging on the wall was a peculiar stringed instrument that I had never seen before. I asked if I could view it up close and was told that it was called a Bandurria; a 16th century chordophone from Spain. I immediately bought it and tucked it away, thinking that some day I might compose a song on it. When I was writing the album I reached for it a few times, and this was one of those times."

At first it might seem like the Bandurria sounds a lot like acoustic guitar, but there is something particularly golden and rustic about the way it sounds that sets it apart. De Augustine emphasises this quality in 'Tomb' by allowing it to glisten in isolation to begin, as he sings about intimate confessions between himself and someone he holds dear. As 'Tomb' progresses, he adds twinkling electronics, which emphasise the shine of the Bandurria, and give his emotions a rich and authentic depth, drawing us in close to this very personal story. Take a listen below.

Asthmatic Kitty will release Angelo De Augustine's new album Tomb on January 18th (pre-order from his website). He's also announced some European live dates, with tickets going on sale on Friday:

17 Feb - Bristol @ The Folk House
18 Feb - London @ Oslo
20 Feb - Stockholm, SE @ Obaren
21 Feb - Copenhagen, DK @ Loppen
23 Feb - Utrecht, NL @ TivoliVredenburg, Club Nine
24 Feb - Ghent, BE @ Democrazy
25 Feb - Paris, FR @ Le Pop Up du Label
26 Feb - Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
27 Feb - Berlin, DE @ Privateclub
28 Feb - Malmo, SE @ Babel