Angelo De Augustine's new album Tomb is already looking like the one that's going to power us through the difficult January chill - and it'll be coming even sooner, now that the release date has been bumped up to 11th January. The advanced release date is not the only news from the singer; he's also put out another simply stirring track called 'Kaitlin'.

De Augustine has said that 'Kaitlin' is “An attempt to understand the intricacies of another person. The struggles we all have endured are both heartbreaking and beautiful at the same time. They reveal us as dynamic, complex, lovable, and infinitely human.”

As De Augustine states in the quote, trying to capture the details of another person is an enormous task, but expression through music seems to be a perfectly good way. This is especially true for Angelo De Augustine, who keeps it musically simple, with carpets of acoustic guitar and very subtle soundbeds leaving plenty of space for his graceful vocal. Not only is his voice as sweet and reassuring as ever, but De Augustine focuses in on specific moments and feelings, giving a lived-in roundedness to the portrait he is painting with his music. Take a listen to 'Kaitlin' below.

Angelo De Augustine's new album Tomb will see release on January 11th. He's also touring Europe shortly after:

17 Feb - Bristol @ The Folk House
18 Feb - London @ Oslo

20 Feb - Stockholm, SE @ Obaren
23 Feb - Utrecht, NL @ TivoliVredenburg, Club Nine
24 Feb - Ghent, BE @ Democrazy
25 Feb - Paris, FR @ Le Pop Up du Label
26 Feb - Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
27 Feb - Berlin, DE @ Privateclub
28 Feb - Malmo, SE @ Babel