Angus Stone, one half of the Australian brother-sister duo Angus & Julia Stone, is set to release a new solo record via Desert Harvest.

Calling it "his most personal work to date," the record is titled Broken Brights and is due for release on July 16th.

Angus has said that each track on the record has its own specific story behind it. For exampe, 'Wooden Chair' - an Angus & Julia Stone track that he felt "needed to be revisited and brought to life in a new way".

The first single from the record, 'Bird Of The Buffalo', is out now, and you can stream the video for it, as well as view the rest of the album's tracklisting, below.

Broken Brights tracklisting:

  • 1. River Love
  • 2. Broken Brights
  • 3. Bird On The Buffalo
  • 4. Wooden Chair
  • 5. The Blue Door
  • 6. Apprentice Of The Rocket Man
  • 7. Only A Woman
  • 8. The Wolf And The Butler
  • 9. Monsters
  • 10. It Was Blue
  • 11. Be What You Be
  • 12. Clouds Above
  • 13. End Of The World