For years Animal Collective member Deakin, watching fellow bandmates Panda Bear and Avey Tare release a series of splendid solo releases, has been on the reported cusp of debuting his newest solo venture. Even back as far as 2009, which started with a now infamous Kickstarter campaign that left many fans a bit sour, Deakin had been working on his own material - which might finally be seen soon.

While Deakin returned to help Animal Collective's 2012 album Centipede Hz, the musician will not be featured on the forthcoming Painting With, which arrives February 19th. Meaning, the time apart could very will be because of the solo release.

Adding speculative fuel to the fire was Pete "Sonic Boom" Kember, who frequently contributed on Panda Bear's solo work. Speaking on the Animal Collective fan forum Collected Animals, Kember writes:

I dont think Deakins lp is ready yet … He has a really sick set of songs though ……some stunning stuff … Reminded me of Nirvana, soft cell, 13th floor elevators & skip spence ( one if Noah’s faves) All recording is done & i think he has a bit of mixing to do , but i know he has it all on the boil & ready to finally give out …..a book too i believe … Looks like a full year …

Further details of the release are not available as of yet. Until then, listen to Animal Collective's newest single (without Deakin) 'FloriDada' below.